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Pregnant woman

Pregnancy Counselling

Pregnancy can be an exciting time and it can also evoke confusing or conflicting emotions such as fear, grief, doubt and uncertainty. 


It is common to have concerns about how having a baby will change your identity or relationships, to question what type of parent you will be, or to worry about the health of your baby and pregnancy.  These feelings can be amplified if you have experienced complications or pregnancy /infant loss in the past. 

Pregnancy Counselling offers support to pregnant women and their families who may be struggling with these worries or other challenges.  We provide a safe and supportive place to share your thoughts and feelings, helping you to develop effective coping strategies and offering emotional support so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and feel confident and prepared to welcome your new baby.   

Areas of Focus

Anxiety In Depression

Pregnancy Body Image

Depression in Pregnancy


Pregnancy After Loss

Preparing for Parenthood

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