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Postpartum Counselling

There are few life transitions that are more rewarding or challenging than becoming a new parent or adding another child to your family. 


After having a baby many women experience changes in their relationships, shifts in identity, isolation or a sense that motherhood is not what they expected.  The good news is that while many parents struggle in this time, postpartum counselling can provide support and guidance as you navigate the changes of becoming a parent or expanding your family. 


With help from a skilled therapist you can uncover what your needs are, improve your mood and coping, address complicated feelings of guilt and shame, improve your relationships and grow into your new role in a way that feels comfortable for you so that you can enjoy parenthood. 

Many new parents (1 in 7 women and 1 in 10 men) will experience a postpartum mood or anxiety disorder within a year of birth.  Often, parents who experience postpartum mood disorders are aware that something is wrong. However, symptoms of postpartum depression or anxiety leave them feeling ashamed, confused and alone. 


As a certified Perinatal Mental Health specialist I will work with you to understand your experience and help you to feel more like yourself.  These disorders are treatable and with support you can feel well again. 

Areas of Focus

Postpartum Depression

Adjusting to Parenting

Postpartum Anxiety

Birth Trauma

Pregnancy Loss

Postpartum in Partners

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