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Well Being Therapy supports individuals and parents to find balance, enjoyment and confidence throughout life's changes and challenges. 


At times life can feel overwhelming or like things aren’t going as we had expected. The stress of having a baby, parenting, managing your career, being in relationships and navigating day to day life can be difficult.


At Well Being Therapy, we specialize in providing therapy and counselling to individuals and parents.  We understand the unique pressures and struggles of parenthood and strive to provide our clients with the access to care, support and tools needed to feel and parent their best, all from the comfort of home.


If you are questioning your relationships, are pregnant or postpartum and don’t feel like yourself, or feel overwhelmed, anxious or depressed, we can help you rediscover what you need to feel like yourself and to enjoy life.

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How We Can Help

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Life is filled with challenges and changes, sometimes we need help to navigate them.  Whether you struggle with a diagnosed mood or anxiety disorder or are experiencing life stress or transitions we can help you to feel more connected, confident and able to enjoy life.


We provide you with emotional support, understanding, tools and strategies to help you feel more supported, confident, prepared for parenting and able to enjoy your pregnancy.

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Becoming a parent isn't always what you expected and it can feel isolating and overwhelming.  We offer support to help improve your mood, overcome guilt or doubt, and enjoy the adventure of parenthood.

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